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Nipuna Technologies offers a  Core Java Course in Vijayawada. This course is designed to train our students in basic to advanced concepts of Core Java. Core Java is a component in Java which is J2SE which contains all the essentials of Java comprising some fundamentals and information about packages. Its an independent Java application that includes all aspects of OOP principles to specific operators including data types, class wrappers, and from the linked list to the Array list and queues to handle exceptions. There are three platforms for computing built around Java, the Java programming language which includes Java SE. Its still the most used platform that is based on the idea of OOP and is used primarily to develop desktop apps. Alongside the APIs for general-purpose use and tools for development and a virtual machine and other classes libraries. It also contains an official specification for Java virtual machines.

Nipuna Technologies, the best  Core Java Course training in Vijayawada aims to give you in-depth knowledge about the components, and features in java. Our expert level trainers in Java have 10+ years of experience and they designed a  Core Java course curriculum to teach students to face challenges in real-time industry-based problems. Upon completion, of course, you will receive a Java training course completion certificate from Nipuna Technologies. This Learn Core Java certification will help you crack jobs in Top MNCs.

Job Opportunities After Completing Learn core Java Training in Vijayawada.

Nipuna Technologies provides students a comprehensive Learn Core Java training so that they achieve their career goals confidently. We consider students as our responsibility & it does not end after the completion of this course and certification. We provide training with placement solutions to the students & our placement team schedules drives and also conducts mock interviews during the training for your career opportunities. Already, we have kept a moderate Java training fee to support students coming from all sections of society.

Java plays a significant role in software development and aims to create-critical websites. Java is turned into one of the high-demand programming languages across the globe, and it has maintained its popularity since its inception in the 90s.

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Java programmer

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Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for Learn Core Java Training in Vijayawada.

Nipuna Technologies is the Best Core Java Training Institute in Vijayawada which provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge through training on live projects and a dedicated placement cell for all of our students. This course curriculum is designed in such a way that every student gets an in-depth understanding in Java. Thus, the course curriculum of this course covered all modules from fundamental to advanced level. Learn Core Java Training at Nipuna Technologies is conducted by industrial experts having more than ten years of experience in handling Java live projects. We offer A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab & well Experienced Trainers & we also provide both classroom & online java training classes to students which enables them to handle any difficulties they may face when entered in the IT sector.

Key Features

Practice Labs For Real-Time Learning

Practice Labs For Real-Time Learning

Practice Labs makes it easy for you to put your learning into practice in a safe environment that you can access anytime with a compatible PC, Browser and Internet connection.

Live Project Training

Live Project Training

We offer Live Projects and opportunity to take part in project design supported by industry partners including business and community organizations.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

We will use collaborative web conferencing with screen sharing to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Got queries? Our 24/7 support team will go extra mile so you can have easy and enjoyable experience with Nipuna Technologies on Slack which is a communication platform.

Job & Interview Assistance

Job & Interview Assistance

Our interview assistance can help you overcome your fears and walk into your next interview with confidence and get your dream Job.

Internship After Course

Internship After Course

Industry needs the best talent to stay afloat and thrive in today’s fast and ever-changing world, you will get a chance to do Internships and working closely that can provide a serious winwin for both Industry and students/trainees

Course Curriculum

List of all the topics which will be covered in Core Java Course

  • Introduction to Java.
  • The basics of Java
  • Java What, Where, and Why?
  • Java s History and Features Java
  • Internals of the Java Program
  • The difference between JDK, JRE, and JVM
  • Internal Information of JVM
  • Variable and Type of Data
  • Unicode System
  • Naming Convention
  • Benefits of OOPs
  • Class and Object
  • Method to Overload
  • Constructor
  • static variable, method, block, and block
  • This keyword
  • What is Inheritance (IS-A)
  • Aggregation as well as Composition(HAS-A)
  • How to Method Overriding
  • Type of Covariant Return
  • What is a super keyword
  • Block to Initialize an Instance
  • The final word
  • Runtime Polymorphism
  • Dynamic and static binding
  • Abstract Class and Interface
  • Downcasting at the request of an operator
  • Access Modifiers and Package
  • Encapsulation
  • Class of object
  • Cloning an Object
  • Java Array
  • How to Call By Value or Call By Reference
  • Java j2ee
  • Data Types
  • String: What is it and why?
  • Immutable String
  • String Comparison
  • String Concatenation
  • Substring
  • Methods of the String class
  • String Buffer class
  • StringBuilder class
  • In the process of creating an immutable class
  • Method of String
  • Stringtokenizer class
  • The Handling of Exceptions: What, and What is the reason?
  • Try to stop block
  • Multiple catch block
  • Nested attempt
  • Finally, they block
  • Keyword to throw
  • Exception Propagation
  • Then, it throws a keyword
  • Method Overriding for Exception Handling
  • Custom-designed Exceptions
  • Multithreading: What is it and why?
  • Want to learn the Life Cycle of Threads
  • Making Thread
  • Thread Scheduler
  • The thread is asleep
  • Joining a thread
  • Thread Priority
  • Daemon Thread
  • Thread Pooling
  • Thread Group
  • Hook to Shutdown
  • Multiple tasks can be completed by multiple threads
  • Garbage Collection
  • How to the class that can be run
  • Synchronization: What is it and why?
  • synchronized method
  • Blocks that have been synchronized
  • static time synchronization
  • Deadlock
  • Inter-thread Communication
  • Interrupting Thread
  • FileOutputStream and FileInputStream
  • ByteArrayOutputStream
  • SequenceInputStream
  • BufferedOutputStream and Buffered Input
  • File Writer and File Reader
  • Char Array Writer
  • Keyboard input via Input Stream Reader
  • Input from the keyboard via Console
  • Keyboard input by Scanner
  • Print Stream class
  • Class for Print Writers
  • Compressing and uncompressing File
  • Writing and Writing simultaneously
  • Data Input Stream, and Data Output Stream
  • Stream Tokenizer class
  • Serialization & Deserialization
  • Serialization using IS-A and Has A
  • Transient keywords
  • Socket Programming
  • URL class
  • Displaying the data of an internet page
  • Insert Classification of Address
  • Datagram Socket and a Data Packet
  • Two-way communication
  • AWT Controls
  • Event Handling
  • Listener Interfaces and Event Classes
  • Classes that adapt to the user
  • The creation of Games and Applications
  • The basics of Swing
  • JButton class
  • JRadioButton class
  • JTextArea class
  • JComboBox class
  • Title class
  • JColorChooser class
  • JProgressBar class
  • JSlider class
  • Digital Watch
  • Graphics in full swing
  • Displaying Image
  • edit menu for notepad
  • Open Dialog Box
  • Create Notepad
  • Designing Games and developing applications
  • Border Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Flow Layout
  • Box Layout
  • Card Layout
  • Life Cycle of Applet
  • Graphics in Applet
  • Displaying image in Applet
  • Animation in Applet
  • Event Handling in Applet
  • JApplet class
  • Painting in Applet
  • Digital Clock in Applet
  • Analog Clock in Applet
  • Parameter in Applet
  • Applet Communication
  • Creating Games
  • Collection Framework
  • List class Array
  • The class Linked List
  • Interface for List Iterator
  • HashSet class
  • Link HashSet class
  • Tree Set class
  • Priority Queue Class
  • Array Queue class
  • Map interface
  • class HashMap
  • The class Linked HashMap
  • TreeMap class
  • Class of Hash Table
  • Comparable and Comparator
  • Property classes
  • Share the Interview Questions
  • Resume Preparation
  • Real-Time Projects
  • HR Activities & Mock interviews
  • Certification Exams on the Core Java Courses
  • We train how to Crack Interviews

Tools & Platforms

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Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry. Nipuna Technologies will present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position.

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